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Certain areas of Cursorly are configurable and we aim to add more options in the upcoming versions.

In this page you can find more details on different options.

Why is it not possible to save settings?

There is a technical limitation from browsers. One part of Cursorly runs in your browser and for privacy reasons browsers do not share camera information thus we can't save your settings.


Cursorly relies on your camera to work. If you have multiple cameras, we recommend choosing the one that you are facing directly.

Read more on camera positioning.


Cursorly works across all monitors. If you have multiple displays, cursor will move across all screens.

Please keep in mind that multi-display option will also force you to move your hand more. This is because you need to cover a bigger surface.

Display name

When multi-display is turned off, Cursorly will work in a single screen mode. In this mode, you can move the cursor only within the boundaries of that screen.

At the end of the day, it's up to you. Feel free to experiment and choose what suits your needs.