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First steps

Cursorly stopped working or you are seeing unexpected behaviour?

No worries, we are here to help!

Let's troubleshoot the issue and see what might have gone wrong.

Error messages

Are you seeing an error message or an error code?

Our error messages adhere to a certain format specifying the error and the error code. Below is an example.

Error message example
CB2 No subscription - You are not subscribed to Cursorly services. You can change your subscription status via our website.

If you are seeing a message like the above, please consult our error code page to get more help.

I don't see errors

In such cases, there can be a handful of things that went wrong from misconfiguration to a bug in the app itself.

To analyze the issue, you need to collect logs from the app and send them to us.

For steps on how to do this, please consult collecting logs page.